Leave Reserve – Provision Of In Non-gazetted Categories


Master Circular No. 41   CONTENTS     No. Subject 1 Introduction 2 Definition 3 No Leave Reserve for School Staffs 4 Leave Reservefor Permanent/Temporary Posts 5 Lower end of Percentage of LR to be followed except in Running Cadres 6 Incidences for which LR is provided 7 Distributation of LR Posts over working Units 8 Increase in LRstrength vis-à-vis Leave Encashment 9 General Disclaimer ANNEXURE I – Provision of leave reserves for various categories ANNEXURE -II – Categories where provision of leave reserve in intermediate grades has been allowed Other Railway Boards Orders on the Subject   Leave reserve – provision of in non-gazetted categories.             The  instructions issued by the Railway Board from  time  to time  on the subject of Leave Reserve in non-gazetted  categories are  contained  in several letters. The Railway  Board  have  now decided  to  consolidate  the instructions issued  so  far  onthe subject,  into   a  single Master Circular,  as  below,  for the information and guidance of all concerned.   2. The sanctioned strength of Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff  includes a  leave  reserve  provision,  which  varies according  to the essentiality  of  providing relief to the Railway servants, who avail leave or have to be necessarily away on other/miscellaneous requirements.   2.1  Percentages of leave reserve which have been prescribed  for provision in the  various categories, based on the  Adjudicator’s award, have been given in Annexure-I.   2.2   Ordinarily,  the leave reserves should  be  provided in the lowest  category  in  each  normal  promotion  group. However, in certain  categories,  the  leave  reserves  may  be  provided  in intermediate  grades,  so as to avoid a long chain  of  relieving arrangements, which would militate against efficient working  and also  administrative  flexibility  besides  involving  additional daily  allowance. Categories where the leave reserves  have  been permitted  to be provided in intermediate grades have been  shown in Annexure II.   (Ref: Board’s letters No.E(Adj.)48 LR-1 dated 14.08.1951, No.E(S)I-58 Adj/LE/1 dated 12.06.1958 and  No.E(G)62 LE1/1 dated 10.04.1963)   3.  Leave reserve should not be provided in the categories of staff of Railway Schools who get holidays during the vacation and who have been excluded from the scope of Hours of  Employment Regulations.        (Ref: Board’s letters No.E(Adj)59 LR-1 dated 14.8.1951 and  No.E(G)83 LR1/4 dated 03.05.1985)   4. The provision of leave reserves as per percentages mentioned in Annexure-1 will apply to the permanent posts. Leave reserves with reference to the temporary posts should be provided at 7/8th of the percentages prescribed in respect of permenent posts. For this prupose, the number of sanctioned temporary posts as on Ist April and Ist October of each year should be adopted.      (Ref: Board’s letter No.E(Adj)48 LR1 dated 26.11.1951) 5. Leave reserve percentages, wherever they are below the minimum  percentage  prescribed,  should be  brought  up  to  the minimum,  except  in respect of posts chargeable  to  the  Demand pertaining  to  the Administration. In the case of  Loco  Running Staff  and  Guards,the  leave reserves may  be  provided at  the maximum of 30{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} and 25{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} respectively.        (Ref: Board’s letters No.E(G)73 LR1/11 dated 03.12.1973,  No.E(G)78 LR1/2  dated 30.06.1978 and  No.E(G)70 LR1/2  dated 27.04.1973)   6. The provisions of leave reserves is intended to cover absenteeism on various counts i.e., not only leave but also other purpose like joining time on transfer, vision tests, training courses, court attendance, attendance at enquiries, PNM meetings, selections etc. Leave reserves should, therefore, be utilised for the  purpose for which they are intended and they should not be posted against  regular vacancies by keeping the leave reserve posts vacant for long periods.        (Ref: Board’s letters No.E(G)70 LR1/15 dated 12.11.1970, No.E(G)73 LR1/11 dated 03.12.1973 and No.E(G)78 LR1/83 dated 26.12.1978)   7. Distribution of leave reserves should be made in such a manner as to afford their quick availability wherever  they  are required,  with minimum dislocation  of  the leave reserves themselves. Decentralised contgrol of leave reserves  should be observed.   (Ref: Board’s letters No.E(G)62 LR1/3  dated 07.05.1964, No.E(G)70 LR1/1  dated 24.03.1972 and   No.E(G)83 LR1/5  dated 03.05.1985)   8. While considering any proposal for increase in the strength of leave  reserves,  the possible effect that  the  facility  of encashment  of  leave  on superannuation  now available to the Railway servants may have on the actual utilisation of  leave should be kept in mind.        (Ref: Board’s letter No.E(G)78 LR/1/25 dated 21.12.1978)   9.  (i)  While referring to the master circular,  the  original letters mentioned herein should be read for a proper appreciation. The  master  circular  is only a consolidation  of  the  existing instructions  and should not be treated as a substitution of  the original  circulars.  In case of doubt,  the  original  circulars should be relied upon as authority;   (ii)  The instructions contained in the  original  circulars referred  to  have  only  prospective  effect  unless   indicated otherwise;   (iii) If any circular having a bearing on the subject, which has   not  been  superseded  has  been  lost  sight  of  in   the preparation  of the master circular, the said circular which  has been missed through oversight should not be ignored but should be treated as valid and operative.                                                    ANNEXURE-I   Provision of leave reserves for various categories   Categories Percentage provision Operating staff (Group ‘C’) requiring replacement even for short periods for normal working – 16-2/3{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} to 30{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} Operating staff (Group ‘D’) requiring replacement even for short periods for normal working 16-2/3{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} to 30{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} Loco Running staff of all grades. 15{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} to 30{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} Guards Grade ‘C’                        15{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} to 30{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} Commercial staff, Inspectorial or supervisory staff and such staff of all departments as require replacement even for short periods for smooth and efficient working. 15{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} to 25{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} Group ‘D’ staff of commercial and other Departments as require replacement even for short periods for smooth and effecient working 15{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} to 25{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} Office clerks, Workshop staff and such staff of all Departments, who need not be replaced for short periods -Group’C’ and skilled 12.5{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} 8. Group ‘D’ and semi-skilled.    12.5{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} 9. Unskilled and other categories for whom substitutes can be engaged.    12.5{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a}        (Ref: Boards letter No.E(Adj)48 LR1 dated 14.08.1951, No.E(S)I/58/Adj/LE/1 dated 12.06.1958 and   No.E(G)73 LR1/11 dated 03.12.1973)                                                     ANNEXURE II   Categories where provision of leave reserve in intermediate grades has been allowed.     Category Grade I Category in which Leave Reserve provision has been allowed 1.Station Master/Assistant Master – Rs.330-560/1200-2040(RPS) Leave reserve to the extent of 100{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} in grade itself. – Rs.425-640/1400-2300   25{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} in the grade itself and balance in Rs.1200-2040 subject to adjustment necessitated as a result of restructuring – Rs.455-700/1400-2300 & above. 100{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} in the grade itself 2. Yard Master/Assistant Yard Master Grade – Rs.455-700/1400-2300 (RPS) Leave Reserve to be operated as per          practice obtaining on each Railway   3. Switchmen  Rs.330-560/1200-2040 To be provided  in  the  category   itself 4. Cabinmen Gr.I Rs.260-400/950-1500 & Cabinmen Gr.II Rs.210-270/800-1150 Leave Reserves to be provided in Levermen Gr.Rs.210-270/800-1150 and where the provision in this regard is found inadequate as a result of less posts in the grade, the short fall to be made good by providing posts to the extent necessary in Gr.260-400 (RS). 5. Guard ‘A’ Rs. 455- 700 (RS)/ & Guard ‘A’ Special 425-600(RS)/ 1350-2200 Leave   reserves  for   Guard   ‘A’ Special and Guard ‘A’ to be provided to the extent of 15{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} in the grade  Rs. 425-600 (RS) and balance in Grade ‘B’. Rs. 425-700 (RS)/1400-2600.Rs 6.Guard ‘B’ Rs.330-560(RS)/ Guard ‘C’ Rs.330-560(RS)/ (1200-2040) To be provided in the category itself. 7. Shunting Jamadar Grade Rs. 330-560(RS)/ 1200-2040 To be provided in the category itself. 8. Chief Controller Rs. 840-1040/ 1200(RS)/2375-3500 Dy.Chief Controller Rs. 700-900 (RS) /2000-3200 Section Controller Rs. 470-750 (RS) /1400-2600 Agaisnt the posts of Chief Controller and Dy. Chief Controller, Leave Reserve posts to the extent of 50{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} will be in grade Rs. 700-900 RS) and the balance in grade Rs. 470-750(RS). Category Grade I Category in which Leave Reserve provision has been allowed Traffic Supervisory staff such as Inspector etc. in the Transportation Channel of promotion of Guards. Provision to be made in the category of Guard ‘B’ prevalent in certain Railways as per general instructions.   Brakesmen Rs.225-308(RS                325-1200 To be provided in the same category Travelling Tickeet Examin er  Rs.330-560(RS)/1200-2040 50{459fecfca4475f09f90d8e5f2511a3c5c1949f070046c1e8cc6bde8835d5da4a} of Leave reserves to be in the grade of TTEs and the  balance  in grade of Ticket Collectors Rs. 260-                              400 (RS). Enquiry  cum Reservation Clerk Rs. 330-560(RS)/ 1200-2040 In the grade itself. Conductor Rs. 425-600(RS) 1400-2300 In the grade itself. Cook (Catering Deptt) Rs.75-110(RS)/210-270(RS) 800-1150 In the category of cook. Asstt Manager (Catering) Rs.110-200(RS)260-430(RS) (Catering Supervisory)     In the category itself instead of clerks Mail Driver ‘A’ Special Rs.550-750 (RS)/1640-2900 Passenger Driver Rs.550-750 (RS) /1600-2669 Leave   reserve  for   Driver   ‘A’ Special  and  Driver ‘A’ to  be  in Driver  ‘A’   grade  of  Rs.   550-700(RS). Goods Driver Rs. 425-640 (RS) /1350-2200. In the category of Driver ‘B’ Driver ‘C’ Rs.330-560 (RS) /1350-2200 In the category of Driver ‘C’ Shunter Rs. 330-560 (RS) & 290-400 (RS) /1200-2040 In the category itself. Assistant Electric Loco Driver Rs. 290-350(RS)/ 950-1500. In the category itself. Shunter (Diesel) Rs. 1200-2040 To be provided in the same grade. Works Mistry Rs.380-560 (RS) /1320-2040. In the Grade of Works Mistry itself instead of in the category of Mason/ Welder /Blacksmith etc. Skilled posts in Mech, S&T, Elect., CE Workshops, Printing Press, Loco Sheds, C&W Department, Train Lighting, EMU Depots and Traction Lighting. Leave reserve for all skilled posts i.e skilled., Highly skilled Gr.  I &  II to be provided in the  lowest skilled grade in the category. Chargemen In the grade itself. Category Grade I Category in which Leave Reserve provision has been allowed Asstt. Signal Inspector Rs. 425-700(RS)/1400-2300 Asstt. Block Inspector Rs. 425-640 (RS)/1400-2300. In the grade of Rs. 425-640(RS) Block Signal Maintainer Rs.330-480 (RS)/1200-1800 including Gr.II Staff Maintaining Signal equipments. In the grade itself. Dressers Rs. 225-308 (RS) /825-1200 To  be provided in the category  of Dressers in scale Rs. 210-270(RS). Section Officer (A/Cs) Rs.500-900 (RS)/1640-2900 Inspector of Stores A/cs Rs. 500-900 (RS) /1640-2900(RPS). To be provided in Grade Rs. 1200 -2040 (RPS)  i.e.,  Junior Accounts Assitant and (ii) Junior  Inspector of Station Accounts Loco Supervisory Staff such as Loco Foreman, Loco Inspectors etc. Leave Reserve to be provided in the category of Driver ‘B’. in the channel of Promot ion of Loco Running Staff.


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